Sentence Examples

  • Bilirubin-induced complications can be prevented by introducing a neonatal jaundice protocol to identify infants at risk for significant bilirubin increases, by ensuring adequate parental education and providing for follow-up care.
  • Yet extensions do require additional care and maintenance, and the best salons will advise clients about follow-up appointments to tighten extensions (they loosen naturally as hair grows), change styles, and remove the hairpieces.
  • Other costs involved include the implementation of the program, writing a dress code for the workplace uniforms, and staff to follow-up and make sure the uniforms are being worn, fit properly, kept clean and replaced when needed.
  • Joel was furious at their decision and wrote a follow-up track called The Entertainer, which referenced the editing of the song with the lines "If you want to make a hit/You've got to make it fit/So they cut it down to 3:05."
  • If the initial PKU test produces a positive result, then follow-up tests are performed to confirm the diagnosis and to determine if the elevated phenylalanine levels may be caused by some medical condition other than PKU.