Sentence Examples

  • He was continually devising plans for the better government of Austria, and although they ended in failure, he established the unity of the Austrian dominions.
  • Napier deliberately set himself to abbreviate multiplications and divisions - operations of so fundamental a character that it might well have been thought that they were in rerum natura incapable of abbreviation; and he succeeded in devising, by the help of arithmetic and geometry alone, the one 1 The title runs as follows: Arithmetica Logarithmica, sive Logarithmorum chiliades triginta....
  • Very valuable work in devising forms of antennae for directive radio-telegraphy has been done by MM.
  • James decided to ease the situation by devising translation tables for foreign braille contractions which could then be programmed into a translation package.
  • I 've often thought about devising a competition to see which club most deserves to have good coxes.

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