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  • Finally a fire desolated the earth, and only the creatures of Ormazd escaped.
  • Again and again invaded and desolated southern Scotland.
  • For example, much as archaeology has increased our knowledge of the conditions obtaining in Palestine before the Hebrew invasion, it has so far contributed nothing to our knowledge of the Hebrew nation before that time beyond the statement in the now famous stele of Merenptah (Mineptah) (c.1270 s.c.), discovered in 1896, "Ysirael is desolated, its seed is not," and a few possible but vague and uncertain allusions to particular tribes.
  • The mention of Israel on the stele of Merenptah, discovered by Petrie in 1896 (" Israel [Ysirael] is desolated; its seed [or] is not "), is too vague and indefinite in its terms to throw any light on the question of the Exodus.
  • From the year 1425 the provinces were desolated by party wars among the lesser nobles (parientes mayores) but these came to an end in 1460-1498, when Henry IV.

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