Sentence Examples

  • For the many favours he had received, including his marquisate, of which the brother was despoiled for his benefit, was led in 1536 to betray his country, being scared by the glorious prophecies of the ultimate success of Charles V.
  • Garcia was murdered by the sons of Count Vela of Ala va whom he had despoiled, and Sancho took possession of Castile, giving the government of it to his son Fernando, (Ferdinand I.), with the title of king, and taking the name of king of the Spains for himself.
  • The Articles Organiques hid from the eyes of his companions in arms and councillors a reaction which, in fact if not in law, restored to a submissive Church, despoiled of her revenues, her position as the religion of the state.
  • The Great s work, and obliged Russia, the ally 01 England and Prussia, to allow the latter to be despoiled, and to join Napoleon against the maritime tyranny of the former.
  • The victims of this process were the urban proletariat, whose treatment by their employers in trade became less and less protective and beneficent, and the nobility, straitened in their financial resources, uprooted from their ancient strongholds, and gradually despoiled of their power by a monarchy based On popular support.

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