Sentence Examples

  • The interior was spoilt in the 17th century.
  • The sheet thus rolled is roughly trimmed while hot and soft, so as to remove those portions of glass which have been spoilt by immediate contact with the ladle, and the sheet, still soft, is pushed into the open mouth of an annealing tunnel or " lear," down which it is carried by a system of moving grids.
  • Chopin was first petted by her like a spoilt darling and then nursed for years like a sick child.
  • She was well equipped in both respects, but human passions spoilt her chance; her heart turned her head.
  • The Abbe Casgrain' Devoted A Life Time To Making The French Canadians Appear As The Chosen People Of New World History; But, Though An Able' Advocate, He Spoilt A Really Good Case By Trying To Prove Too Much.