Sentence Examples

  • When someone gives me some more definitive info on her, I'll tell you.
  • Marian, it's too early for a definitive answer, but don't give away your old golf outfit just yet.
  • An armistice and preliminaries of peace were signed on the 31st of January 1878 at Adrianople, and a definitive treaty was concluded at San Stefano on the 3rd of March 1878.
  • On the 4th of August 1791, was signed at Sistova the definitive peace with Turkey, which practically established the status quo.
  • Gradual abolition of slavery was declared by a law of the 13th of February 1880; definitive abolition in 1886; and in 1893 the equal civil status of blacks and whites in all respects was proclaimed by General Calleja.