Sentence Examples

  • The elegant White Sapphire (Scratch Resistant) display perched between a pair of attractive Black Leather bracelet, Automatic Date display at 3 and Cabochon crown with folding clasp, all add to its debonair looks.
  • If you want your little boy to look as debonair as possible at all those striking upscale events, then you will need to purchase a good pair of toddler boy dress shoes.
  • Even the scruffiest of boys look debonair in boys' holiday ties, so take the time to shop around and find the perfect tie for your son.
  • They are debonair, refined, and they still feature that enchanting little crocodile that is often mistaken for an alligator.
  • Nichols would later portray a more suave and debonair hunk Stefan Cassidine on General Hospital.