Sentence Examples

  • GUACO, Huaco or Guao, also Vejuco and Bejuco, terms applied to various Central and South American and West Indian plants, in repute for curative virtues.
  • They appear in a document dating from 1341, where they are called "the Auschowitzer springs belonging to the abbey of Tepl;" but it was only through the efforts of Dr Josef Nehr, the doctor of the abbey, who from 1779 until his death in 1820 worked hard to demonstrate the curative properties of the springs, that the waters began to be used for medicinal purposes.
  • AB - BACKGROUND: Surgical resection of adenocarcinoma of the stomach is curative in less than 40 percent of cases.
  • The ailing once flocked to Spa in Belgium to take its curative waters.
  • Indeed, the only curative option for MF may be an allogeneic transplant.

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