Sentence Examples

  • If you can quilt, knit or crochet, or have another artistic or crafty area of expertise, another popular Christian small home business opportunity would be to make quilts or afghans and other articles with a Christian theme.
  • The company's crochet page doesn't have a special section for beginner patterns, but you can often easily find the patterns for beginners by searching the page for words such as "easy," "simple," "beginner" or "fast."
  • A circular crochet needle is a tool used by an experienced crafter who wants to create a larger project, such as a double-sided afghan, with multiple colors and a finish that has the look and feel of being knitted.
  • You can get a funky yarn in an offbeat color and, depending upon how fast you knit or crochet, within a week you might be wearing a top that's similar and yet oh-so-different from what everyone else is sporting!
  • Sometimes the sexiest swimsuits are those that only hint at what lies underneath, which is why crochet swimsuits, which both reveal and conceal, have continued to be popular since they debuted in the 1960s.