Sentence Examples

  • You'd think a company that makes yarn would have some good ideas about what to do with their products, and Lion Brand certainly delivers with a wide array of projects for knitters and crochet lovers alike.
  • Additionally, since it's not always feasible to wear your sheer suit in public, you can always opt for a crochet or peek-a-boo look at the the beach, and save your transparent looks for private parties.
  • The company's crochet page doesn't have a special section for beginner patterns, but you can often easily find the patterns for beginners by searching the page for words such as "easy," "simple," "beginner" or "fast."
  • A circular crochet needle is a tool used by an experienced crafter who wants to create a larger project, such as a double-sided afghan, with multiple colors and a finish that has the look and feel of being knitted.
  • You can get a funky yarn in an offbeat color and, depending upon how fast you knit or crochet, within a week you might be wearing a top that's similar and yet oh-so-different from what everyone else is sporting!