Sentence Examples

  • In recent years, the government, in an effort to formalize access and camping in the area, had instituted a fee program, creating considerable controversy with a number of locals.
  • While we wish you all the luck with your suit, this whole Dawkins estate controversy is a family matter and frankly none of our business.
  • He knew with the Dawkinses about to leave and with the Lucky Pup Mine controversy settled, he'd better concentrate on finding an answer to the body Martha discovered before any chance to do so was gone for good.
  • He had been placed in the center of a controversy he couldn't resolve.
  • BANGORIAN CONTROVERSY, a theological dispute in the early 18th century which originated in 1716 with the posthumous publication of George Hickes's (bishop of Thetford) Constitution of the Christian Church, and the Nature and Consequences of ' Schism, in which he excommunicated all but the non-juring churchmen.

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