Sentence Examples

  • In Somerset and Worcester counties clams are a source of considerable value.
  • Maine markets more clams than any other state in the Union, and the catches of cod, hake, haddock, smelt, mackerel, swordfish, shad, pollock, cusk, salmon, alewives, eels and halibut are of importance.
  • The value of hard clams rose during the same period from $198,930 to $303,599.
  • For many years there were important cod and mackerel fisheries here and Duxbury clams were famous; there were large shipyards in Duxbury in the 18th century and in the first half of the 19th.
  • The waters of the coast and bays abound in shad, menhaden, bluefish, weak-fish (squeteague), clams and oysters.