Sentence Examples

  • Mums wasn't clairvoyant, but she was intuitive.
  • To her credit, she wasn't clairvoyant, but she should have had more faith in him.
  • Andrew Jackson Davis was in America the most prominent example of such persons; his work, The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations (New York, 1847), was alleged to have been dictated in "clairvoyant" trance, and before 1848 his followers were expecting a new religious revelation.
  • She was a mystic, with remarkable clairvoyant powers, and did great service as a nurse, a spy and a scout in the Civil War.
  • In addition to the presentation of revived memories, and of "objectivation of ideas or images consciously or unconsciously in the mind of the percipient," there occur "visions, possibly telepathic or clairvoyant, implying acquirement of knowledge by supra-normal means."

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