Sentence Examples

  • - The genus Monobrachium is a colonyforming hydroid which grows upon the shells of bivalve molluscs, each polyp having but a single tentacle.
  • The Acephala, or Lamellibranchiata, are commonly known as bivalve shell-fish.
  • The males are usually more brilliantly coloured than the females, and guard the eggs, which are often placed in a sort of nest made of the shell of some bivalve or of the carapace of a crab, with the convexity turned upwards and FIG.
  • The Ostracoda have the body enclosed in a bivalve shell-covering, and normally unsegmented.
  • An example of the latter is seen in a common little freshwater bivalve, the Pisidium pusillum, which has been studied by Lankester.

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