Sentence Examples

  • The ovary ripens into a usually small ovoid or rounded fruit, which is entirely occupied by the single large seed, from which it is not to be distinguished, the thin pericarp being completely united to its surface.
  • 16), the pericarp is not united with the seed but is quite distinct, dehisces, and allows the loose seed to escape.
  • Sometimes the pericarp is membranous, sometimes hard, forming a nut, as in some genera of Bambuseae, while in other Bambuseae it becomes thick and fleshy, forming a berry often as large as an apple.
  • In germination the coleorhiza lengthens, ruptures the pericarp, and fixes the grain to the ground by developing numerous hairs.
  • Fruit ofSporo- bolus, showing the dehiscent pericarp and seed.

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