Sentence Examples

  • The typical pericardium is well developed.
  • A, Pericardium opened dorsally a, Ventricle of the heart.
  • The heart c lying in the pericardium is seen in close proximity to the renal organ, and consists of a single auricle receiving blood from the gill, and of a single ventricle which pumps it through the body by an anterior and posterior aorta.
  • The batrachians they are confined to the vomers pericardium and palatines or to the vomers alone (37).
  • Peripatus is an Arthropod, as shown by (1) the presence of appendages modified as jaws; (2) the presence of paired lateral ostia perforating the wall of heart and putting its cavity in communication with the pericardium; (3) the presence of a vascular body cavity and pericardium (haemocoelic body cavity); (4) absence of a Derivisceral section of the coelom.

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