Sentence Examples

  • The typical pericardium is well developed.
  • The glands secrete hippuric acid which passes from the pericardium into the renal organs.
  • When the pericardium is cut open from above in an animal otherwise entire, the anterior face of the kidney is seen forming the posterior wall of the pericardial chamber; on the deep edge of this face, a little to the left of the attachment of the auricle to the floor of the pericardium, is seen a depression; this depression contains the opening from the pericardium into the kidney.
  • A, Pericardium opened dorsally a, Ventricle of the heart.
  • The pair of renal organs of Anodonta, called in Lamellibranchs the organs of Bojanus, lie below the membranous floor of the pericardium, and open into it by two well-marked apertures (e and f in fig.