Sentence Examples

  • In the Ebers papyrus, 1550 B.C., mention is made of blisters, ointments, clysters, mineral and vegetable drugs.
  • Frost blisters are pustular swellings due to the up-growth of callus-tissue into cavities caused by the uprising of the superficial cortex under the action of intense cold.
  • 24) are of economic importance, as they contain a vesicant substance used for raising medicinal blisters on the human skin.
  • A gall mite (Phytoptus pyri) sometimes severely injures the leaves, on which it forms blisters - the best remedy is to cut off and burn the diseased leaves.
  • The manifold plate is then heavily punched from one side, so that the opposite face protrudes in broken blisters, which are then hammered down until each becomes a centre of wave propagation.

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