Sentence Examples

  • Dean scratched his head, irritated at himself for getting so caught up in Fred's continuing scenario, a scenario totally baseless in proven fact.
  • That so clear-headed a man could have credited the lies of Oates and the other perjurers is beyond belief; and the manner in which he excited baseless alarms, and encouraged fanatic cruelty, for nothing but party advantage, is without excuse.
  • A baseless legend relates that he composed the Quicunque Vult while hiding here in a cistern.
  • Numbering in 1907 nearly 5000, living mostly in Robeson county, are of mixed breed and have been named the Croatans, on the assumption (probably baseless) that they are the descendants of John White's lost colony of 1587.
  • The legend which connected Jane Shore with Shoreditch is quite baseless; the place-name is very much older.

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