Sentence Examples

  • His anger was unfounded, but she had to accept some of the blame for his method of approach.
  • Winston would have my job if I blew his mob case on unfounded specula¬≠tion and if I went public in any way, the news is sure to get out.
  • In spite of his lingering and totally unfounded doubts that it was Jeffrey Byrne he was pursuing, there were far too many coincidences pointing to Cynthia Byrne's husband.
  • Her concerns were unfounded, as usual.
  • Probably his judgment of the situation was correct; yet, in view of Sennacherib's failure at Jerusalem in 701 and of the admitted strength of the city, the hope of the Jewish nobles could not be considered wholly unfounded, and in any case their patriotism (like that of the national party in the Roman siege) was not unworthy of admiration.

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