Sentence Examples

  • Dustin was lean and handsome with clear, cool blue eyes and sharp, angular features.
  • His black curly hair was cut short, every hair in place, and his angular jaws were freshly shaven.
  • µcxp6s, small, i tthrpov, a measure), an instrument generally applied to telescopes and microscopes for measuring small angular distances with the former or the dimensions of small objects with the latter.
  • This angle, therefore, divided by the magnifying power of the telescope gives the real angular distance of the centres of a double star.
  • A ray of light from a lamp is thrown on the mirror, whence it is reflected upon a white surface or scale set at a distance of about 3 ft., forming a bright spot on the surface; the slightest angular deflexion of the mirror, owing to its distance from the scale, moves the spot of light a very appreciable distance to the right or left according to the direction of the angular movement.

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