Sentence Examples

  • A fifth element is the position of the pericentre, which may be expressed by its angular distance XFN from the ascending node.
  • With v=o, the angular velocity of the cylinder is 2w; in this way the velocity may be calculated of the propagation of ripples and waves on the surface of a vertical whirlpool in a sink.
  • If the angular interval between the components of a double line be half as great again as that supposed in the figure, the brightness midway between is 1802 as against 1.0450 at the central lines of each image.
  • The limiting efficiency of the microscope is attained when the angular aperture amounts to 180°; and it is evident that a lateral displacement of the point under observation through -IX entails (at the old image) a phase-discrepancy B Q' of a whole period, one extreme ray FIG.
  • Generally only one bow is clearly seen; this is known as the primary rainbow; it has an angular radius of about 410, and exhibits a fine display of the colours of the spectrum, being red on the outside and violet on the inside.

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