Sentence Examples

  • Lisa gazed up at him in the darkness; acutely aware of the way the moonlight softened the rugged angles of his face.
  • He led the horse around and they left the ravine, traveling at right angles to the path the Indians had taken.
  • In spite of the breath-catching vertical drop-offs, boulder-strewn tilting and rolling Jeep roads with their impossible angles of ascent, the solitude of being able to stare for miles and miles in any directions with not a soul in sight—all this melted away to a sense of awe and peace that made any anxiety evaporate like mountain mist on a summer morning.
  • I have to look at a few more angles before I can determine if the option we found is feasible.
  • Rhyn was a wild animal with a wild beauty, harsh angles and planes, a body built for survival.

How would you define angles? Add your definition here.

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