Sentence Examples

  • Penny, who couldn't have weighted more than a hundred and ten, picked up the magazine.
  • The sample, arranged as a bundle of rectangular strips, is caused to rotate about a central horizontal axis between the poles of an upright C-shaped magnet, which is supported near 'its middle upon knife-edges in such a manner that it can oscillate about an axis in a line with that about which the specimen rotates; the lower side of the magnet is weighted, to give it some stability.
  • The sum of two weighted points aA, (3B is, by definition, the point (a+13) G, where G divides AB so that AG: GB =0: a.
  • The constable himself headed the leading line of dismounted men-at-arms; weighted with their armour, and sinking deep into the mud with every step, they yet reached and engaged the English men-at-arms; for a time the fighting was severe.
  • As showing in detail township action before the War of Independence), though generally weighted heavily with genealogy and matters of merely local interest.

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