Sentence Examples

  • 38), which is much more widely used, the collective lens is in front of the real image; it alters the direction of the principal rays and somewhat diminishes the real image.
  • In the former case the retardation of phase varies so little with the period that the intensity is nearly the same for all colours; in the latter case it alters so rapidly that for a small change in the period the intensity passes from a maximum or a minimum, and consequently so many constituents of the light are weakened and these are so close to one another in frequency, that the light presents to the eye the appearance of being white.
  • Both sexes feed upon blood; whereas the male alters but little in appearance, the female becomes enormously distended.
  • 19 a caused by the fact that the coil is heated by the current used to measure its resistance, which thus alters in value.
  • Above all, he both magnifies the office of the Christian ministry as a whole and alters what is said of it in detail (for example, the deaconess loses rank not a little), to make it agree with the circumstances of his day in general, and with his own ideas of fitness in particular.

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