Sentence Examples

  • If the pressure alters as the water tank empties, a discontinuity occurs in the trace when the tank is refilled, and a fictitious element may be introduced into the diurnal variation.
  • The introduction of negative groups into a molecule alters the boiling-point according to the number of negative groups already present.
  • On issuing from the Lake of Zurich the Linth alters its name to that of "Limmat," it does not appear wherefore, and, keeping the north-westerly direction it had taken from the Walensee, joins the Aar a little way below Brugg, and just below the junction of the Reuss with the Aar.
  • The trees and plants characteristic of each zone are not always confined to that zone, but in several instances, when common to the coast belt and the midlands, their character alters according to the elevation of the land.
  • The linear width of the band (e) is the increment of which alters p by 27r, so that e =27r /tr.