Sentence Examples

  • This frontier remained for about zoo years, and no doubt in that long period much was done to it to which we cannot affix precise dates.
  • These words are formed by the addition of the substantial affix "-an," the use of which is one of the recognized methods by which the Malays turn primitive words into terms of more complex meaning.
  • 3 P.C. 357) in 1871 the committee held that it was not bound to affix a meaning to articles of really dubious import, as it would have been in cases affecting property.
  • Khan is still applied to semi-independent rulers, such as the khans of Russian Turkestan, or the khan of Kalat in Baluchistan, and is also used immediately after the name of rulers such as the sultan of Turkey; the meaning of the term has also extended downwards, until in Persia and Afghanistan it has become an affix to the name of any Mahommedan gentleman, like Esquire, and in India it has become a part of many Mahommedan names, especially when Pathan descent is claimed.
  • PALMISTRY, (from "palmist," one who studies the palm, and the Teutonic affix ry signifying "art"; also called Chiromancy, from XEip, the hand, and yavreia, divination).

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