Sentence Examples

  • Ethgattal; and the causative agtel makes ettaqtal.
  • Another explanation, which appears first in Jewish authors of the middle ages and has found wide acceptance in recent times, derives the name from the causative of the verb; He (who) causes things to be, gives them being; or calls events into existence, brings them to pass; with many individual modifications of interpretation - creator, lifegiver, fulfiller of promises.
  • It is probable that the verb had a special form denoting condition, as in Arabic. There was a causative form prefixing t, and ti-aces of forms resembling Piel and Niphal are observed.
  • Later, tdm-f is ordinarily expressed by periphrases; but by the loss of n, t~m-n-f became itself sdm-f, which is the ordinary past in demotic. Cnptic preserves Ldm-f forms of many verbs in its causative (e.g.
  • St George Mivart, in The Ground-work of Science (1898), maintained the reality of an active causative power underlying Nature, and the dignity of human reason, from an independent point of view.

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