Sentence Examples

  • Cabbagerot, bulb-rot of hyacinths, &c., carnation disease-there is evidence that bacteria are causally connected with the disease.
  • - This notable beginning to the removal of " the ignominy of a thousand years " was causally connected with the career of Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786; q.v.).
  • Thus certain physical changes in the brain result in a given action; the concomitant mental desire or volition is in no sense causally connected with, or prior to, the physical change.
  • He allows, in fact, no a priori forms except categories of the understanding, and these he reduces, considering that the most important are identity with difference and causality, which in his view are necessary to the judgments that the various data which make up a total impression (Gesammteindruck, Totaleindruck) are each different from the others, together identical with the total impression, and causally connected in relations of necessary sequence and coexistence.
  • It may be held that every action is causally connected not only externally with the sum of the agent's environment, but also internally with his motives and impulses.

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