Sentence Examples

  • There are three declensions, each with a definite and indefinite form; the genitive, dative and ablative are usually represented by a single termination; the vocative is formed by a final o, as memmo from memme, " mother."
  • The genitive case is generally indicated by the position of the word after its governing noun.
  • The order of the genitive in xi.
  • Ador has no genitive because two rules conflict; for neuters in or have a short penult (e.g.
  • The grammar of the Stoics, gradually elaborated by Zeno, Cleanthes and Chrysippus, supplied a terminology which, in words such as " genitive," " accusative " and " aorist," has become a permanent part of the grammarian's vocabulary; and the study of this grammar found its earliest home in Pergamum.

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