Sentence Examples

  • There are three declensions, each with a definite and indefinite form; the genitive, dative and ablative are usually represented by a single termination; the vocative is formed by a final o, as memmo from memme, " mother."
  • The language of the inscription of Velitrae offers at first sight a difficulty from this point of view, in the conversion which it shows of q to p; but it is to be observed that the Ethnicon of Velitrae is Veliternus, and that the people are called on the inscription itself Velestrom (genitive plural); so that there is nothing to prevent our assuming that we have here a settlement of Sabines among the Volscian hills, with their language to some extent (e.g.
  • It seemed absurd to waste time analyzing, every word I came across--noun, genitive, singular, feminine--when its meaning was quite plain.
  • Female names are a case, the genitive of possession.
  • If Polly is capable of coping with the genitive case she knows more than a little !

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