Wear-out Definition


To cause (something) to become damaged, useless, or ineffective through continued use, especially hard, heavy, or careless use.

You're going to wear out that game if you keep playing so rough with it.
He wears a pair of tennis shoes out every summer.

(intransitive) To deteriorate or become unusable or ineffective due to continued use, exposure, or strain.

The old tractor finally wore out.
My shoes wear out quickly now that I walk to work.

To exhaust; to cause or contribute to another's exhaustion, fatigue, or weariness, as by continued strain or exertion.

You kids are wearing me out!
Trying to keep up with politics wears me out.
Our physical advantage allowed us to wear the other team out and win.

(intransitive) To become exhausted, tired, fatigued, or weary, as by continued strain or exertion.

I'm wearing out, guys. Time to go to sleep.

Of apparel, displayed in public.

Those sweatpants are great for loafing around the house, but they're not meant to be worn out.

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