Sentence Examples

  • If you leave your grill outside during the winter but only use it during the spring and summer months, it's essential to keep it covered to reduce the potential for damage that can make them difficult to clean or even render them unusable.
  • Instead of wondering how to get a credit card with bad credit, you may want to instead shift your focus to figuring out how to get a credit card that does not come with so many fees and interest charges that it is virtually unusable.
  • Malware can hijack your browser, redirect search attempts, provide endless pop-up ads, track Web sites you visit, and make your PC unstable to the point of being unusable, or run slower than a moving glacier.
  • There is a point with increasing distance when no signal can reach you, promised speed drops to an unusable range, or your DSL modem fails because it cannot capture the signal speed it was designed for.
  • For example, enemies will sometimes use special attacks that can poison Lex, causing a bit of damage each turn, stun you for a round, or even lock certain letter tiles and make them unusable.