Underwrite Definition

underwrites, underwriting, underwritten, underwrote
underwrites, underwriting, underwritten, underwrote
To underwrite something.
Webster's New World
To supply with funding, especially as a sponsor.
Underwrite a public television show.
American Heritage
To agree to pay for the cost of or pledge to cover the financial losses of (an undertaking, etc.)
Webster's New World
To agree to buy (an issue of stocks, bonds, etc.) on a given date and at a fixed price, or to guarantee the purchase of (stocks or bonds to be made available to the public for subscription)
Webster's New World
To write under something, esp. under something written; subscribe.
Webster's New World
  • fund
  • endow
  • provide subvention for
  • float bonds
  • float a stock issue
  • put up the collateral for
  • put up the money for
  • provide financing
  • provide capital
  • provide security
  • refund
  • subsidize
  • pay
  • help
  • support

Origin of Underwrite

  • From Middle English underwriten, from Old English underwrÄ«tan (“to write at the foot of, write under, subscribe"), equivalent to under- +"Ž write.

    From Wiktionary

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