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writes, writing, written, wrote
writes, writing, written, wrote
To form or inscribe words, letters, symbols, etc. on a surface, esp. by making marks with a pen or pencil.
Webster's New World
To form or inscribe (words, letters, symbols, etc.) on a surface, as by cutting, carving, embossing, or, esp., marking with a pen or pencil.
Webster's New World
To form words in cursive style.
Webster's New World
To write books or other literary matter; be an author or writer.
Webster's New World
To spell (a name, word, etc.)
Words written alike are often pronounced differently.
Webster's New World

(computing) The operation of storing data, as in memory or onto disk.

How many writes per second can this hard disk handle?
write (one's) own ticket
  • To set one's own terms or course of action entirely according to one's own needs or wishes:

    an open-ended and generous scholarship that lets recipients write their own ticket.

American Heritage
write the book on
  • To be the preeminent practitioner of or expert in (something).
American Heritage
writ large
  • Signified, expressed, or embodied in a greater or more prominent magnitude or degree:
American Heritage
write down
  • to put into written form; write a record of
  • to disparage or depreciate in writing
Webster's New World
write in
  • to vote for (someone not officially on a ballot) by inserting that person's name on the ballot
Webster's New World

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Origin of Write

  • From Middle English writen, from Old English wrÄ«tan (“to incise, engrave, write, draw, bestow by writing"), from Proto-Germanic *wrÄ«tanÄ… (“to carve, write"), from Proto-Indo-European *wrey- (“to rip, tear"). Cognate with West Frisian write (“to wear by rubbing, rip, tear"), Dutch wrijten (“to argue, quarrel"), Dutch rijten (“to rip, tear"), Low German wrieten, rieten (“to tear, split"), German reißen (“to tear, rip"), Swedish rita (“to draw, design, delineate, model"), Icelandic ríta (“to cut, scratch, write"), German ritzen (“to carve, scratch").

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English writen from Old English wrītan

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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