Sentence Examples

  • Justice is executed, and taboos, feasts, taxes, &c., arranged by a mysterious disguised figure, the duk-duk.
  • That which we term the Record of the Past comprises the " taboos,' the customs, the traditions, the beliefs, the knowledge which are handed on by one generation to another independently of organic propagation.
  • While the Roman cults were amply protected by taboos, there was no comprehensive term in Roman law for religious violations and profanations in general.
  • Nevertheless these non-moral taboos or restraints may have played a part in building up in us that faculty of preferring the larger good to the impulse of the moment which is the note of real civilization.
  • Only when the holy man's duty to preserve his holiness binds him hand and foot in a network of taboos does his temporal power tend to devolve on a deputy.