Sentence Examples

  • But before he had finished he felt that his jest was unacceptable and had not come off.
  • Settled labour, the warrant of real wealth, was unacceptable to those who lived by promoting its insecurity.
  • This proposal, however, the Norwegian government found unacceptable, and explained that, if such control were insisted upon, all further negotiations would be purposeless.
  • Had decided to send out General Castelnau to supersede Bazaine, arrange for the withdrawal of the French forces in one body, and restore the Republic under Ortega, who had quarrelled with Juarez, and was therefore, of all republicans, least unacceptable to the clericals.
  • This did not by any means represent all the demands of the Jesuits, and it was couched in terms which appeared not unacceptable to the majority of the Catholics.