Sentence Examples

  • Its spells were hidden to him, until he placed it around his neck.
  • Egyptian inscriptions indicate that the physician-priests sent their prescriptions to be dispensed by the priests of Isis when, accompanied by the chanter of incantations and spells, they visited the sick'.
  • In it we have(a) the recently discovered inscriptions of the 1st Dynasty, too brief and concise to throw much light on the language of that time; and the great collections of spells and ritual texts found inscribed in the Pyramids of the Vth and VIth Dynasties, which must even then have been of high antiquity, though they contain later additions made in the same style.
  • She recognizes instantly a person whom she has once met, and spells the name.
  • He'd lost her as soon as he finally won her, all because he couldn't control the spells he still suffered from his years in slavery.