Sentence Examples

  • The spelter used must therefore be of a good grade, and the lead is usually first refined in a reverberatory furnace (the softening furnace).
  • Moreover, zinc and bismuth were confused, and the word spiauter (the modern spelter) was indiscriminately given to both these metals.
  • Commercial "spelter" always breaks under the hammer; but at Poo° to 150° C. it is susceptible of being rolled out into even a very thin sheet.
  • Spelter production began in the United States in 1858 in an experimental way, and regular production in 1860.
  • Among the manufactures are zinc spelter-there are large smelters here-clay products (chiefly vitrified brick, sewer pipe and tile; the clay being obtained from a great underlying bed of shale), blasting powder, packinghouse products and planing-mill products.