Sentence Examples

  • Unlike her sister Mary, who had fallen a victim to Henry's solicitations,' Anne had no intention of being the king's mistress; she meant to be his queen, and her conduct seems to have been governed entirely by motives of ambition.
  • Ants invite one another to work, or ask for food from one another, by means of pats with the feelers; and they respond to the solicitations of their guest-beetles or mites, who ask for food by patting the ants with their feet.
  • Matilda or Mahaud, widow of Theobald Walter, escaped from John's solicitations by marrying the outlawed Fulk and following him to the forest.
  • 14) who, for refusing the solicitations of the emperor Maximinus, was deprived of her property and banished.
  • He was the object of those solicitations which always beset the author whose name upon the title page assures the sale of a book.