Sentence Examples

  • When you are stressed, do you find yourself snapping at others and feeling irritable (that's the "fight" part), or do you shirk your responsibilities and dive under the bed covers when it all becomes "too much" (that's the "flight" part).
  • In the 1960s and 1970s, crocheting a bathing suit allowed a woman to express individuality even while swimming, and shirk consumerism as well.
  • I can't believe Russ would shirk the responsibility of his own child.
  • He was a reasonable man and she had never known him to shirk his responsibilities.
  • With that event it is again natural to connect Timothy's imprisonment, his release from which our author records in closing; while the news of Jewish success in Paul's case would enhance any tendency among Asian Jewish Christians to shirk "boldness" of confession (x.