Sentence Examples

  • They are not a very good option for a workday at the office because daily application can be tedious and, though most formulas claim to be smudge free, they can often wear off on clothes.
  • In addition, the mascara is advertised as smudge- and smear-proof, hypoallergenic and suitable for contact lens wearers - all great traits that spell perfection as far as I'm concerned.
  • You can use a rich bronze eye shadow and simply apply to the top eyelid for emphasis, or use the shadow on the upper lid, in the crease, and under the lower lashes and smudge to create a sexy, smoky look.
  • For a smoky eye look, apply a neutral base eye shadow from lash line to brows, line your eyes along the lash line with a dark eyeliner pencil, and smudge with your fingers or a Q-Tip to soften the look.
  • Most lenses are coated with a smudge resistant coating that repels water, dust and oils from the skin and are designed to resist glare which can result when the sun's reflection hits the pavement.