Sentence Examples

  • If you've ever been looking at a white computer screen or staring at the sky, and you've noticed an odd semi-transparent "blotch" or object floating across your vision, then you may be experiencing an eye condition known as "floaters."
  • A brilliant annual, about 2 feet high, like the common field Poppy, but of a darker red, and with a jet black blotch at the base of each petal conspicuous both inside and out, making masses of this plant showy in early summer.
  • The spikes usually bear four or five flowers, white or nearly so, with large yellow blotch on the fall, and some reach nearly 6 feet in height, strong clumps producing four or five.
  • The flowers are large, the standards white, pencilled and spotted with purple or violet, while the falls are veined with dark purple or purple-black on a yellowish ground, with a conspicuous dark blotch in the centre.
  • It flowers in February and March, the flowers, which have an exceptional expanse, being of lavender-blue color, and characterised by a large triangular dark velvety-blue blotch on the falls.