Sentence Examples

  • Finally, cover the filler and daub the ear cap with foundation to blend with your natural skin tone.
  • The usual habitation built both by Arabs and Nubas is the tukl, a conical-shaped hut made of stone, mud, wattle and daub or straw.
  • Daub in his Judas Ishcarioth argued that a finite evil presupposes an absolute evil, and the absolute evil as real must be in a person.
  • He studied theology in the universities of Heidelberg and Berlin (1817-20) under Karl Daub (1765-1836), Schleiermacher and Neander, the philosophers and historians Georg Hegel, Friedrich Creuzer (1771-1858) and F.
  • See Rosenkranz, Erinnerungen an Karl Daub (1837); D.