Sentence Examples

  • The Ulvaceae, the thallus of which consists of external form as an expanded Coprinus, Neomeris simulates the laminae, one or more cells thick, or hollow tubes, probably represent fertile shoot of Equisetum with its densely packed whorled branches, a still more advanced stage in the passage of a colony into a multiand in Microdictyon, Anadyomene, Struvea and Boodlea the branches, cellular plant.
  • When the attachment is in sand or mud, it often simulates the appearance of a true root as in Chara or Caulerpa.
  • The basal portion of the consecutive axes may become much thickened and arranged more or less in a straight line, ns and thus collectively form an apparent or false axis or sympodium, and the inflorescence thus simulates a raceme.