Sentence Examples

  • Of natural history and botany he pretends to no special knowledge.
  • He pretends to drown, sleeps on the beach for a few hours, and about dawn pedals off into the sunrise.
  • The Zohar pretends to be a compilation made by Simon b.
  • This is achieved; and Briinnhilde's horror and bewilderment at meeting Siegfried again as a stranger in his own shape creates a situation which Siegfried cannot understand, and which Hagen pretends to construe as damning evidence that Siegfried has betrayed Gunther's honour as well as Briinnhilde's.
  • When grown up, Orestes, in response to frequent messages from his sister, secretly repairs with Pylades to Argos, where he pretends to be a messenger from Strophius bringing the news of the death of Orestes.