Sentence Examples

  • The legend alleges that he had been so condemned for having scoffed at Jesus.
  • He alleges (xv.
  • A conspiracy against Charles, which his friend and biographer Einhard alleges was provoked by the cruelties of Queen Fastrada, was suppressed without difficulty in 792, and its leader, the king's illegitimate son Pippin, was confined in a monastery till his death in 811.
  • Montalvo alleges that the first three books were arranged and corrected by him from "the ancient originals," and a reference in the prologue to the siege of Granada points to the conclusion that the Spanish recast was made shortly after 1492; it is possible, however, that the prologue alone was written after 1492, and that the text itself is older.
  • The document which alleges that this chapel was built by order of a "landsgemeinde" held in 1388, at which 114 men were present who had been personally acquainted with Tell, was never heard of till 1759.