Sentence Examples

  • He dissents as a realist from the Cosmological argument in the form' in which 'it concludes from " contingent " to " necessary " being.
  • Watt dissents from this view and classes these Indian cottons as G.
  • Jirecek dissents from this view, and from the common opinion that Dubrovnik is derived from the Slavonic dubrava, " woody."
  • P. 289, note) dissents from this view, which is also held by Dr Otto Franke of Berlin, stating that Dr Stein's discoveries in Chinese Turkestan " strongly confirm the view " held by himself.
  • Dis-sentire, to disagree), one who dissents or disagrees in matters of opinion, belief, &c. The term "dissenter" is, however, practically restricted to the special sense of a member of a religious body in England which has, for one reason or another, separated from the Established Church.