Sentence Examples

  • The salon of Mme de Condorcet was throughout the Consulate and the first Empire a rallying point for the dissentient republicans.
  • And yet dissentient voices are sometimes heard defending war as if it were an end in itself.
  • The Peloponnesian War, too, not only added a deeper interest to ordinary questions of policy, but also caused the relations of dissentient parties, of allied and belligerent states, of citizens and aliens, of bond and free, of Greeks and barbarians, to be eagerly debated in the light of present experience.
  • This intervention caused great irritation amongst the Conservatives and dissentient Liberals, and the political situation on more than one occasion became so strained as to bring the country to the verge of armed revolution.
  • He was one of the 93 dissentient Liberals who by voting against the Liberal Government decided the fate of the Home Rule bill of 1886.

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