Sentence Examples

  • 5, a dissenter chosen churchwarden and scrupling to take the oaths may execute his office by deputy.
  • Even after this certain High Churchmen held that a Lutheran was a" dissenter,"and that the prince should be asked to subscribe to the Thirty-Nine Articles.
  • Strictly a " dissenter " is one who dissents from the church as an " established " body, or who dissents from the establishment of a state church, while conforming or not to its forms, ceremonies or practice.
  • Throughout his whole career Binney was a vigorous opponent of the state church principle, but those who simply classified him as a narrow-minded political dissenter did him injustice.
  • Dis-sentire, to disagree), one who dissents or disagrees in matters of opinion, belief, &c. The term "dissenter" is, however, practically restricted to the special sense of a member of a religious body in England which has, for one reason or another, separated from the Established Church.