Sentence Examples

  • In an interview with American Songwriter Magazine, John Rich said that he carefully matched each contestant personally with their Nashville songwriting team, stating "It's like the Chuch Woolery of songwriting hookups."
  • Season 5, Project DNA - DNA stood for "Do Not Assume," but was also reflected in the contestant pool when a set of identical twins, Natalie and Adria, competed as one player, swapping out for one another during the game.
  • Every episode has a different challenge for the elimination round, and while sometimes there will be a contestant entering this round with immunity there are other times when every chef is up for elimination.
  • If you want to apply to appear on this show as a contestant, keep in mind that the majority of the contestants began as cast members on either The Real World or Road Rules, so your best bet might be to first apply for one of these shows.
  • Archuleta also performed on many local shows in Utah as well as on the long since canceled Jenny Jones show, singing And I am Telling You from the movie that brought former Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson her first Oscar, Dreamgirls.