Sentence Examples

  • It Is, However, Only Used In Those Years In Which The Epact 19 Concurs With The Golden Number 19.
  • Much labour has been given by various naturalists to ascertain the date of its introduction to Europe, to which we can at present only make an approximate attempt; 3 but after all that has been written it is plain that evidence concurs to show that the bird was established in Europe by 1530 - a very short time to have elapsed since it became known to the Spaniards, which could hardly have been before 1518, when Mexico was discovered.
  • 431) concurs - his custom being to visit Ostia each year, and Rome on the apostolic anniversaries (Ep. 20, 2; 45, r).
  • Dymock of Bombay, speaking of western India, concurs in Richards's opinion regarding the moderate use of the drug.