Sentence Examples

  • Curtius, alone harmonizes with the statement of Herodotus (vi.
  • This symbol harmonizes with the fact that the two rings are in complete sympathy, the one responding to every change made in the other.
  • The argument that the Chronicler must have been contemporary with the last persons named in his book is by no means convincing and on the other hand his account of the Temple services, in which he seems to be describing the Temple of his own days, harmonizes far better with a date at the end of the third, or even in the second, century B.C. than with the close of the Persian or the beginning of the Greek period.
  • The decorative color chiefly employed is chocolate brown, which harmonizes excellently with the glaze.
  • This harmonizes with the fact that the real seat of the energy 3f electrification is the dielectric or insulator surrounding the charged conductor.'